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The first of our 2023 harvest oils are available now!

The First And Only Regenerative Organic Certified Olive Farm + Mill

We are bringing Regenerative Agriculture to the olive industry! Come stay a while, learn about what it means to our farm, our oil and the planet.

An Image OF Frantoio Grove's Flagship Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil In a 375 ml Bottle With A White Background. Green and white diamond-shaped label with olive blossoms and leaves. Additional text on label reads: Estate grown in San Martin. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cultivar: Frantoio. Regenerative Organic Certified.

Frantoio Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2023 Harvest

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This year marked the beginning of our journey into regenerative agriculture. We were excited to taste the fruits of our labor, and we were delighted with the results!Our goal is to build resilient ecosystems on farm and produce robust, high polyphenol oil that is wildly expressive but also low on the bitterness and astringency that comes from stressed trees and this year early in our harvest we realized we had exceeded even our own expectations.

Our Friends And Partners - KATZ Farm

Last year we partnered up with legendary producer Albert Katz, producer of some of the worlds finest olive oils and
Orleans Method Vinegars

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In addition to our online store, our oil is available at retail shops locally, in the Bay Area, and a few places around the country.

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