PROXY Coffee Co. Logo set in pink surrounded by hibiscus flowers

Coffees by Proxy

The son of Frantoio Grove brought 15 years of experience working in coffee when he joined full time at their farm, so he put in a roaster and so PROXY Coffee Co. was born.

Our coffee brand has it's own spirit, but our approach to sourcing and roasting coffees is intertwined with our approach to agronomy and milling. We meld an intuitive appreciation for the organic and ever changing products of the earth, with a drive to develop a deep technical understanding of the processes we employ to turn agricultural products into specialty foods.

Proxy coffee is simply coffee done right. We roast on an old-school cast iron drum roaster, fitted with high tech software to monitor each roast with precision, and ensure that each batch is perfect. We offer exciting single origin coffees from exceptional producers as well as comforting blends.