A One Pound Bag Of Rancho Gordo  King City Pink Beans on a white background. Red and white label with an image of the face of a woman licking her upper lip. Additional text on bag reads: Dense, thin-skinned historic California heirloom with a rich bean broth. Ideal for soups, pot beans, and barbecue beans.
A picture of cooked King City Pink beans topped with finely chopped red onions in an earthenware bowl with a silver spoon.
A picture of dry King City Pink beans in a textured silver bowl.

Rancho Gordo - King City Pink - Heirloom Bean

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An heirloom bean from King City, California, with a rich history and a dreamy bean broth. It has a thin skin and a dense yet creamy interior.

You would think these pink beans would be a good substitute for the small, pink Santa Maria Pinquitos, but they're not. King City Pinks are closer to Buckeye; dense but not stodgy, they have a thin skin and produce a rich bean broth. We are in love.

Net Weight 16 Oz (453g)