Image of a 5 oz glass bottle of Rancho Gordo La Paloma hot sauce on a white background. Label art is of a woman with dark, curly hair, who looks like she comes from the 1920s. Additional text on bottle reads: Mild chile sauce for hot people. A unique blend of chiles and spices, all the bang and none of the pain. Shake well, separation is natural, refrigerate after opening.

Rancho Gordo - La Paloma - Crafted Hot Sauce

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Not everyone wants to glow all the time. Sometimes a person just wants the flavor of chiles without all the perspiration.

Take a break from the heat and enjoy La Paloma on your eggs, in your bloody marys, in soup, a dab on a fresh oyster, salads or simply on chips. Made from super mild New Mexican chiles.

5 FL OZ (148ml)