An Image Of A 375 ml/12.7 Fl Oz bottle of Frantoio Grove's Organic Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil With White Background. Pink and white diamond-shaped label with olive blossoms and leaves. Additional text on label reads: Milled in San Martin. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cultivar: Picual.

Frantoio Grove - Picual - 2023 Harvest

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In the heart of Vernalis, CA, our journey with Panacea Farms presented a unique opportunity to create something truly exceptional. This year's endeavor with Kacie Klein's carefully nurtured Picual olives has culminated in an olive oil that resonates with the essence of the cultivar's renowned characteristics.

Harvested in early November, our blend captures the dual nature of the Picual olive - the intriguing interplay of green and ripe fruits. This selective harvest has yielded an oil that reflects the classic Picual profile, brimming with vibrancy and depth.

Harvest Notes:

Our Picual olives were plucked at the peak of perfection, a mix of green and ripening fruits, embodying the true spirit of the cultivar. The early harvest presented us with an oil that sings of fresh herbs and a hint of tomato leaf, coupled with a robust peppery finish that Picual is famed for. The presence of green olives imparts a certain vivaciousness, echoing with notes of artichoke and wild grass, creating an invigorating sensory experience.

As we ventured into the riper olives, the oil mellowed, revealing a smoother, more rounded profile. These olives brought forth subtler nuances - a gentle whisper of fig and a soft hint of woodiness, adding layers of complexity to the blend. The resulting oil is a symphony of flavors, where each note complements the other, creating a harmonious balance.

Our final blend is a testament to the Picual olive's versatility. It showcases the bold, piquant qualities from the early harvest, seamlessly fused with the milder, richer tones of the later harvest. This creates an olive oil that is both expressive and refined, with a lingering elegance that enhances any culinary creation.

Experience the essence of the Picual olive in each bottle, a product of meticulous care and passion, from the sun-kissed groves of Panacea Farms to your table


12.7 Oz (375 ml)