A 375 ml/12.7 oz glass bottle of Katz Sparkling Wine Vinegar on a white background. Label is gold and black with the image of a rooster standing on the hilt of a chef's knife and the words, "Authentic Orleans Method, oak barrel aged" and "Napa, California" on the bottle. Vinegar is a pale yellow, visible through the clear glass bottle with red foil shrink wrap on the top with the word "Katz" printed around the circumference.

KATZ Farm - Sparkling Wine - Orleans Method Vinegar

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6% acidity

About The Taste: We use the French Champagne Method to create the California Sparkling Wine that we then handcraft into our crisp white wine vinegar using the traditional Orleans Method and barrel aging. KATZ Sparkling Wine Vinegar, with its pristine clarity, is made from 100% Suisun Valley, California Chardonnay. Its desirable low acidity level of 6%, creates a tart, full-bodied vinegar with “soft” edges and a fruity aroma.

Offering crisp and pleasant acidity, hints of vanilla from the oak and subtle nuances of melon and cucumber in the finish, its clean taste lends itself to a myriad of culinary uses. Well-made vinegar and acid in general really acts as the yin in much of the yang of good cooking. At its best, it should balance and brighten flavor and create contrast to produce delicious food. There are very few dishes that do not benefit from the addition of a splash of vinegar to balance out the richness (fat) in your recipe. Splash away!